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Thank you in advance for your visit to , property of AGILIDADE SA.

Please read carefully the Terms & Conditions presented on this page, as the use of this website (hereinafter referred to as “website”) means that you accept the Terms & Conditions presented.


The use of the terms "we", "Agility SA", "Smile +", "our", "our", "entity" refer to Agility SA and its brands, and will be used in these "Terms & Conditions" as per the context. The term “user” refers to any person who accesses any page of our website or AGILIDADE SA brands.


This document informs and describes the "Terms and Conditions" that govern the use and access to our website, managed, made available and owned by AGILIDADE SA, with a unique legal person number and registration number 510164897, headquartered at Rua Cordeiro Ferreira nº19-C, 1st Decree 1750-071 Lisbon.


All content and personal data sent through the website , as well as through the websites of our brands are covered by the Privacy Policy and protection of personal data presented in the Privacy Policy of SORRISO MAIS PRIME..


At any time, SMILE MAIS PRIME has the right to change the website's Terms and Conditions, through the updated publication of the Terms and Conditions. The continued use of the website by the user, after updating the Terms and Conditions, means that he accepts the updated version of the Terms & Conditions.




Users, through , can freely and freely access all the information/content of the website.
The contracting/subscription of products or services through our website, by the user, may involve filling out a form, and will require, in addition to knowledge, the acceptance of the General and Specific Conditions that will be transmitted to the user in the process of conclusion of the contract.

Simply accessing the website does not imply contracting any product or service.


The contents of the website are informative and for advertising purposes. The contracting of products or services happens when this desire is expressed.

To purchase any service/product from the entity, the user must express this will, by registration/form, under the terms that he/she undertakes to inform truthfully and authentically, of all personal data entered, in the process of completing the required form for this purpose.


SORRISO MAIS PRIME/AGILIDADE SA is not responsible for the veracity of the information submitted by the user, who will be solely responsible for the authenticity of the information entered by him.


To access the information contained in the reserved areas, the user needs to be a customer or partner. For this purpose, you must choose your area and enter the credentials/access (login) given in the formalization of your contract. The user undertakes to keep this information for himself, keeping it confidential, being responsible for the custody and confidentiality of the data, being unable to give them, in any way, its use to third parties.


The user undertakes to inform the entity whenever undue use occurs by third parties, or an act that allows third parties to access this information, such as theft, robbery or loss, so that it can be canceled.


The Entity is not responsible for the misuse of cadentials by unauthorized third parties, therefore, the user must inform the entity of the occurrence, so that SORRISO MAIS PRIME/AGILIDADE SA can act accordingly.


The user undertakes not to use the contents of the website for commercial purposes, as well as not to divulge this information in any way.


The Entity undertakes to keep the published content up to date, as well as to correct potential errors that may occur, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the website.


The use of the website, requires compliance with the law and the rules of use transmitted by the Entity, by the user, being obliged to use it in good faith, and its use with the intention of harming the Entity or the your brands.





SORRISO MAIS PRIME/AGILIDADE SA owns the website, as well as the operating rights license.

All content made available is protected under the law, by intellectual property rights, or related rights or third parties, in the latter case having obtained the necessary authorizations for the effect.

Users may not, in any way, copy, import, use or explore in any way, any element on the website without the prior written authorization of SORRISO MAIS PRIME/AGILIDADE SA, its brands, or the third party owner, if applicable.
Any damage caused by the user or risk to the integrity of the system is expressly punishable under current legislation.

The entity reserves the right at any time to limit access, or other measures, in order to ensure the integrity and security of the website.



In situations where you have given your consent to the collection, processing and transfer of your personal data for a specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.



All data subjects have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority if they consider that the processing of personal data concerning them violates the general data protection regulation.



By providing their personal data, the User accepts their treatment by the Entity, in accordance with the  respective  legislation for the protection of personal data and pursuant to the  Privacy Policy .


The Entity may use cookies on the website. See the  Cookies Policy.


The Terms & Conditions are governed by Portuguese law.


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